Kirkcaldy set for spectacular invasion of the Giants!

Giant CaterpillarKTCM’s efforts to provide the town centre with a welcome boost were revealed this week a new event for Kirkcaldy Town Centre taking place on Saturday 21st June 2008 which is set to make the town centre “buzz” with activity.

Building on previous innovative events brought to the town centre (giant butterflies, ostriches and the ant orchestra), KTCM has attracted quite probably the most spectacular array of street theatre acts to the town. Three separate giant acts will be in Kirkcaldy High Street, interacting and entertaining the crowds and shopping public. Dubbed the “Mini Giant Day”, the acts include:

• Caterpillar – a 4 metre wide x 5metre high x10metre long inflatable puppet operated by ten performers using cold air parading through the town centre
• Spanish style street theatre procession including the return of the giant Drumming Ants and a selection of characters influenced by Salvador Dali. This will feature the Dancing Giants (Dali and Gala) which are puppets the size of a house and great dancers!


12 noon till 12.45pm – Caterpillar parade

2pm – 2.45pm – Drumming Ants and Dali Dancers

Sunil Varu, Kirkcaldy Town Centre Manager, said,

“We have searched long and hard to bring the people of Kirkcaldy and visitors the most amazing mini-festival which will undoubtedly liven up Kirkcaldy Town Centre. These street theatre acts have performed across Europe at places like Nice Carnival and Edinburgh Hogmanay, and it’s fantastic that we have brought them here. People of all ages will be astounded at the sheer size and scale of these monster puppets and hopefully get a huge deal of enjoyment from them. I have to say – these simply have to be seen to be believed!”

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